Sigma Nu Fraternity
Eta Zeta Chapter
50 Years

The pictures below were scanned from the annual chapter picture from either 1962, 1963, or 1964.  As biographies are submitted and current photos are available, you can click on a picture to see that person's biography & picture.  These will be pdf documents.  Also you can click here to find the Heritage Series archives as well as a history of Eta Zeta in pdf format.  An account, written by Brother Maurice Cottingham (HZ 42), of the March, 2010, get-together in Ruston is here.  The latest schedule for the 2011 Lexington event is here.

Charles C. Chadbourn III
HZ 1

Robert K. Vincent
HZ 2

David E. Wilson
HZ 3

David F. Wylie
HZ 4

William T. Alsbrooks
HZ 5

Charles E. Dunlap, Jr.
HZ 6

Frederic R. Kellog
HZ 7

Van C. Marsh, Jr.
HZ 8

Raymond J. Norre
HZ 9

James M. Pelton
HZ 10

R. Byron Pipes

Aubrey J. Shepherd
HZ 12

Stafford J. Vallery II
HZ 13

D. Douglas Bass
HZ 14

Jon A. Feerick
HZ 15

Robert L. Barrett

Harold L. Crowell
HZ 17

David F. Rankin
HZ 18

Michael R. Waddey
HZ 19

Larry D. Gibson
HZ 20

Chandler F. Clifton
HZ 21

M. Jerry Thornhill
HZ 22

William H. Daughtridge, Jr.
HZ 23

James N. Parks, Jr.
HZ 24

Ronald Q. Perritt
HZ 25

William R. (Rusty) Moore
HZ 26

John C. Mears
HZ 27

Don S. Mears
HZ 28

Manco L. Snapp, Jr.
HZ 29

William E. Manning, Jr.
HZ 30

Perrin L. Jones
HZ 31

John L. Christian
HZ 32

Edward R. McMullen
HZ 33

Raymond A. Pelton
HZ 34

Michael R. Wood
HZ 35

S. Foster Semple
HZ 36

Joe L. Hamilton
HZ 37

H. David Leigh III
HZ 38

H. Harvey Luttrell
HZ 39

W. Conway Link

HZ 40

Edward C. Smith
HZ 41

E. Maurice Cottingham
HZ 42

John F. Turner
HZ 43

Mike L. Riley, Jr
HZ 44

John A. Austin, Jr.
HZ 45

T. Hardy Hays
HZ 46

Tommy J. Adkins
HZ 47
Woodrow W. Chew, Jr.
HZ 48

Robert L. Chaney
HZ 49